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Brandon is encouraging, reliable, and skilled trainer…the one to get you to that next level in your fitness journey! 💪🏼
Thank you!!

Bobbi Jo Abrams

“I still remember the first time I participated in a kick boxing session with Brandon (It kicked my butt). His attention to detail and his energy are what impressed me almost instantly! He made it a point the whole time to stress how important technique is so the the muscle group gets worked properly and how to avoid getting injured. Every exercise was demonstrated clearly and effectively so we stayed motivated and kept the group moving. My first session with Brandon’s kickboxing was just like every other one…fun, energetic, and informative. Since Brandon has taken it a step further to become a personal I wasted no time taking advantage of his training aide. As usual Brandon did not disappoint me. Our last lifting session left me exhausted and It felt great! Having trained in the martial arts for the better part of two decades I can honestly say Brandon is one of the best instructors and personal trainers in his field. His ability to motivate while paying attention to detail and technique are the tools you will need to reach your fitness goals and reach a healthy way of life.”

Matt Maguire