Hello world!

This website is for jocks and non-jocks alike.  Don’t be mislead.  I, however, have never identified as an athlete.  Like at all.  I have had my nose in books and my rear on couches playing video games for most of my young and not-so-young life.  I still thoroughly enjoy both activities (however, much less time is devoted to the later due to time/work constraints).

I really began my fitness revolution about a year ago when I got the wild notion that I would begin taking cardio-kickboxing classes.  Being that I’m at heart a long haired hippie this was really out of my comfort zone.  But I’ve never been one to shy away from things simply because they were different.  I began taking the kickboxing classes and to my amazement, I discovered that for the first time in my life 1)I enjoyed exercising and 2)I actually saw health benefits.  I continued kickboxing (well after those who started with me gave up on their new year’s resolutions) and eventually became a certified instructor at the gym.  It was a great pleasure and learning experience.

While I worked there part time (I’m a full time high school history teacher), I was often asked by my students “How much have you lost (weight) since you started kickboxing?”  I was always reluctant to answer this question because I cannot say that I lost a eye popping amount of weight.  I’ve always been one of those unfit yet relatively skinny guys.  When I started, I had been watching my weight and doing on-again, off-again workouts and diets for years.  What I always tried to explain to those who asked was that it wasn’t so much what changed on the outside (though that did change), it was what changed for me mentally and emotionally.  I learned that exercise can be fun and with the proper support network anyone can meet their fitness goals.  It was the social network of support that we shared that had made all the difference for me.

So why “Not for Jocks”?  While I’ve decided to start blogging about fitness and health issues, I want to focus my attention to those who are more like me (the majority of people!).  I want to share what I have learned about eating and living healthy for those who feel that either they can’t do it or don’t feel particularly successful at it.  I want to share what I have learned with other nerds, bookworms, and gamers like myself.  I also hope to translate all that metadata on fitness from magazines, online stories, academic journals, etc into digestible tidbits that the average non-athlete (like myself) can understand and actually use!



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