Breakfast of …champions?

So the general rule of thumb when lifting is to eat about 1-1.5g of protein pound of lean muscle mass (or to keep things simple just 1 g of protein per body pound) daily.  For me, that’s approximately 225 grams of protein I need to eat…daily…like every day!  That may not sound like a lot (or maybe it does to you…I don’t know you!), so let me break that down for you.

This is my typical daily menu:

3 eggs for breakfast = 18g protein

1st snack – oatmeal and tuna (yummy…dripping with sarcasm) = 16 g

Tuna and Oatmeal. Not the grossest thing I've ate.

Tuna and Oatmeal. Not the grossest thing I’ve ate.

Lunch – Chicken breast and veggies = 30 g

2nd snack – protein shake = 25 g

Dinner – tuna steak and veggies = 25g

last snack – almonds (1/2 cup) = 10 g

Grand Total = only 124 g a day.  That’s a deficit of 101 grams of protein!  Who in the world can eat that much protein in a day?  I’ll have to add a protein shake to get to at least a 1:1 ratio.  What’s worse is that protein fills you up, further suppressing your appetite.

Notjocktip: Keep a food journal when dieting (or even when you aren’t.)  It gives you an idea of what you are actually consuming.  You can keep track of calories, protein, fats, carbs, etc.  There is no need to go crazy with it.  Keeping one for about a week gives most people a simple baseline to see just what they are consuming.  Be warned – it can be like those menus in NYC that show the calories in that Big Mac – shocking!


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