Motivation Tip #2 – Keep a log

Continuing with my list of motivational ideas I now present to you #2!

Notforjocks Motivation Tip #1: Keep a Fitness Log – The idea here is simple.  You record every workout you do.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a cardio activity like jogging or if it’s lifting weights.  For cardio I like to keep track of distance and time and calories burned.  If I’m lifting weights I like to keep a list of weights and reps for each type of exercise.

Here’s why it’s important:  When you first start working out it is common for people to see immediate gains … at least in the short run.  As you get more fit, your body adapts and that progress you may have seen initially will start to slow down.  They call this plateauing in the industry.  For many this is when people give up.

But the temptation to give up isn’t as strong if you’ve kept a journal.  The journal will show you cold hard proof that all that work is doing you good.  If you feel that you aren’t seeing those gains anymore, your journal has all the answer you need right there.  You most likely need to increase your weight or increase the reps.

The worst thing you can do is go to the gym and try to eyeball it every time.  This leads to inconsistencies in how much your lifting and your rep count.  If you want to see improvements, keep lifting a little more each time (as necessary).  If you try to remember it all, I promise you’ll most likely fail.

Your phone makes a convenient log for your workouts!

Your phone makes a convenient log for your workouts!

If you’re like me and don’t like lugging a notebook all over the gym with you, I have another suggestion.  I use the notebook function on my phone. I use the mic (siri) to help me record my weights, reps, and exercises.  With just a few key strokes I’ve made my log and can keep jammin’ to those 80’s classics.


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