Motivation Tips 3 and 4

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Coming soon – some tutorial videos and short workouts!

Now to finish my tips for staying motivated!

Notforjock Motivation Tip #3: Find a Partner

Working out with a partner helps keep you accountable.  When you don’t feel like it, but you’ve made the plans in advance…it makes it difficult to back out.  Most importantly, though, working out is (let’s be honest) mostly boring!  Doing it with someone else can help you improve your form, motivate you to do more reps, and keep you going consistently.  Be careful though – going with a partner also runs the risk that you might get LESS done if you spend more time socializing than working.  A chatty workout partner (flirting or checking him/herself out in the mirror) or one who lets you cut out early is going to do you little good.

Motivation Tip #4: Buy Fun Gym Clothes

Hear me out!  I’m not saying look like you’re going out to the club.  Nor am I saying show up in your dockers and boat shoes.  But wearing clothes that fit well and make you feel athletic helps with the intimidation factor.  I know I feel like no one is taking me seriously when I’m working out wearing an old t-shirt and sweatpants. It’s all in my head of course.  This is merely a suggestion (and maybe a silly one), but it works for me.

Be this guy: 2120867261_8123a9535d_b  Not this guy: Cycling_Bibshorts


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