Being Successful

Setting Reasonable Goals: Being successful can mean many things.  My first question when I start working with someone is “What is your goal?”  For many this is related to the scale.  I would challenge you though to set another goal.  The scale can be misleading in so many ways.  For instance I was always a “light,” guy but I wasn’t necessarily healthy.  In fact I could hardly run a mile.  When you start to really work on your fitness you might not see the changes directly on the scale.  We are so programmed to believe that it’s that almighty scale number that determines your health when in fact it can be many other variables.

But even if your goal is to reach a certain weight, it’s important to have a goal.  Having a goal that’s reasonable is also important. If you are obese, you can’t expect to change that in one, two, or really three months.  The biggest loser only happens on television.  Fitness is a lifestyle – not a diet.  It’s a marathon – not a sprint.  Other goals can include being able to run a certain distance in a certain amount of time or being able to lift a certain amount of weight, reach a dress size or waist size, etc.

Whatever you goal is be sure to surround yourself with people and the things that will help you be successful.  This means removing temptation. For me, temptation is a little too much alcohol on the weekends and cookies at night before bed.  The easiest thing to do is to remove the stimulus.  This means don’t buy it!  Don’t allow it in your house.  If someone brings it over, that’s okay.  They just have to take it with them when they leave.  If you break down and buy it, buy a small size.  If it’s a tub of ice cream you usually buy, buy the pint (or snack) size instead.

Removing obstacles: I also find that it’s much easier if I plan well.  I pick one day a week to do the cooking of most of the food that I will eat that week.  I occasionally weight portions (something you will have to do if you want to get to that single digit body fat), but I use the good rule of thumb: about a fist-sized portion of protein with every meal.  Planning my meals helps me stay focused and relieves me of that temptation to run out for food that may not be as healthy for me.


I cook and chop veggies usually on Sunday for snacking throughout the week.

The meals you prepare should be based on your fitness goals. You should really speak with a trained nutritionists about starting any special diet.  However, if you’re feeling so inclined there are many diet suggestions for different fitness goals on the web.


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