5 Tips for Starting (& Sticking With) a Healthy Living Routine

I had some feelings of frustration this week. Reminders like these help keep my chin up and keep me from giving up. Recognizing that it all takes time and persistence is my biggest reason for failure.

Kinetic Fix


Whether you’ve got a few pounds to lose or the pressure of a big event looming, it can be tempting to seek a quick fix, such as a juice cleanse, exercise binge or fad diet. You name it, people have tried it — out of desperation, with varied luck and yielding only temporary results.

Why haven’t we learned by now that these short-sighted “solutions” only end up backfiring on us in the long-run? If our goal is finding equilibrium when it comes to a healthy weight and base level of fitness, a slow-and-steady approach works much better than engaging in erratic behavior.

I get it; eating well and working out aren’t always easy when you’re short on time, stressed and out of shape — but maintenance is much easier than bouncing back and forth, up and down, in and out. Those latter options are, quite frankly, exhausting.

So if you’re committed to forming a more sustainable diet and exercise regimen, here are a…

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