Example Workout – Total Body and Calorie Scortcher

Here is a little workout I put together for working the lower and upper body with emphasis on the back muscles.  You can do this with just dumbbells and a stability (yoga) ball.  I would recommend jogging in place for a few minutes or doing some jumping jacks to warm up first.

The workout is broken down into two circuits. No rest between exercises in each circuit.  Only rest after completing each set in the circuit.  Rest 2-3 minutes.

Circuit 1: 3 times through

1. Dumbbell Thrusters, 15 reps, then 12, then 10

2. Dumbbell bent over row, 15, 12, then 10

3. Lateral Raise 15, 12, 10

4. Kettle Bell Swing 15, 12, 10

Circuit 2: 3 times through

1. Shoulder Push up 15, 12, then 10

2. Wide Grip Pull Down 15, 12, then 10

3. Stability Ball Plank :30 – :45 sec or until failure

4. Vertical Raise 15, 12, 10

After finishing the workout, you could work on some abdominal exercise like bicycles, Russian Twists, or planks.  Also, be sure to stretch!  Stretch activates the muscle group repair mechanisms.  This will help ensure that your muscles begin the process of growing new muscles that were damaged (i.e. worked) in the workout.

Coming soon: videos on how to properly do each move.


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