Road Warrior Fitness: 20-Minute Hotel Body-Weight Workout

I like the idea of using your luggage to do curls. If you remember to bring along some exercise bands you can get greater resistance. They are small so don’t take up a lot of space or weigh much. You might even get them into a carry-on.

Kinetic Fix


Last month I had a flight that got cancelled and pushed out a day due to all the storms on the East Coast. The upside was that there are worse places to be stuck than in Florida…but the downside was that I would be missing a favorite workout class that I had signed up for in Portland to keep myself motivated and productive after a half day of travel.

But rather than let it derail my fitness routine (or keep me in a gym when I’d rather be catching some final rays of sun), I created a quick 20-minute body-weight workout that could be done in the comfort of my hotel room. It’s the best of both worlds — a mix of cardio and strength that comes in an efficient, yet effective, package.

The workout consists of four rounds, with four exercises in each round. The first exercise in each round…

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