More Fasting Information

I want to give a shout out to Allen for sharing more information he has learned about fasting from these guys.  They are a bit…weird but they are also entertaining.

I also read this extensive blog post by Steve Kamb, a fellow fitness nerd.  It was very informative and answered most of my questions.  My only concern now is that I can’t get my workout in during my last hour of my fasting period with my current work schedule.  Will this lessen my results?

I was stoked to read in this article that this is apparently old news – despite flying in the face of everything I’ve been taught at my old job.  Fasting at night and skipping breakfast aren’t big deals in my case.  It’s skipping that glass of wine at night that might drive me crazy!

So far I’m down 1/2 inch on my waistline.  I’ll keep you posted on my results.


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