Faking it until I make it…

I by no means love running yet.  I did a better job this week of sticking to my commitment to running twice a week.  One day I did have to run at the gym, however.  I will say that it wasn’t a totally horrible experience doing it in the gym because it’s much easier on my joints than running on pavement.  The view is awfully dull though.  With that being said, if you plan to start running outside, investing in a good pair of running shoes is a good idea.

By far my biggest hurtle to running is learning to enjoy it.  This has inspired me to get creative and make a list of ways I try to make running more fun!

1. One way to do that is to change up where you walk.  There are many who will scoff at the idea of driving to walk or run somewhere.  Luckily I live in St. Petersburg and nothing is really too far away so I don’t feel bad about driving to a new spot.  I also drive a fuel efficient car.  If driving somewhere new to run doesn’t bother you then I highly recommend it.  I need some variety and the killer to a lot of workout programs that people start is boredom.  There are so many great places to run in St. Pete that I am determined not to run in the same place for a while if I can help it.  This week my run will take me to a park along the bay.  It should be beautiful. I might even see some dolphins.

2. Another way to try to make running more fun is to use a gps or other tracking software program.  I like Map My Run.  It has a lot of neat features. It can use your phone’s gps to track you path and distance. If you complete the user profile  you can even use it to estimate the number of calories you are burning.

Another option is found in the new ios8 for iphone users.  It’s called health (not ihealth) and it uses the phone’s motion sensors to keep track of the number of steps, feet, miles or stairs you may have climbed.  It aggregates this information for you by the day, week, or month.  I’m not convinced it is nearly as accurate as, say, a fitbit, but it’s free and worth checking out sometime.

3. Run with someone.  To be honest I haven’t tried this one out yet, and frankly I’m not sure it’s going to work for me.  I know many people who do enjoy running with another person.  It gives you a chance to catch up (maybe literally), but most importantly it provides accountability.

4. Find a good playlists!  One of the joys of running for me is that it allows me to don my headphones and listen to some of my favorite music as loud as I like.  I find that my phone fits nicely into an old iphone arm strap that I’ve had for years.  The newer iphone models are a bit bigger so it sticks out a bit but it’s fairly snug.  Be sure to set up the playlist beforehand.  Stopping to change songs gets you out of the groove and lowers that heart rate.

That’s about all I have!  Do you have any good suggestions for making your run more fun?


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