If the scale is to be believed (it is fickle so I did several tests) I’ve met my goal of single digit body fat!  *Cheers*  9.8 – so just barely.  Still a little ways to go yet.  But it feels good to have cold hard facts to back up this sense of accomplishment.  Oftentimes when I look in the mirror or see a picture I doubt the work that I’ve put into all of this.  Keeping a log and measuring these kind of biometrics are good way to be more honest and fair to yourself.  I highly recommend keeping some kind of log for these kind of measurements.  Every couple of weeks it feels great to look back and see how far you’ve come!

In other news I have started the work to become fully certified as a physical fitness instructor.  Step 1 is to get the book for the certification program.  One of the best organizations I read about to get certified with is the National Strength and Conditioning Association.  I was able to get the digital copy of the textbook for a sweet price (normally close to $70) online today.

Step 2 is to get my CPR certification.  They offer free certification classes through my job.  I might be able to get into one that takes place in early April.  If not, I might have to wait until June or pay to take one through another organization.

Step 3 is to prepare for the test.  I get to be a student again!  Lucky for me I know a decent teacher.  🙂  Currently I’m studying the anatomy stuff.  I’m experiencing flashbacks to my early college years.  Oy vey.  Luckily it’s a small, small part of the textbook.  I look forward to reading about the correct movements for different exercises and the legal issues.

Step 4 is to take the test.  I hope to take it in a month or two.  I know a lot of the material from all my work as a kickboxing instructor.  Once I’ve read more of the textbook I’ll have a better idea as to how long this process may take.  Oh, and I need to save up the $400 or so dollars the test will cost.  I better pass on the first try.

All in all, today is a good day.  I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot.


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