Week 6 Update and Deadlifts

It’s hard to believe that I started this journey more than 6 weeks ago.  Time has really flown by.  I’ve completed 4 weeks of variations on hypertrophy workouts and am on my second week of strength core exercises.  I can really see a difference in how much I can lift.  I recently purchased some lifting hooks and they’ve been game changers. I can deadlift so much more weight now. Today I was deadlifting 205 at 5 reps per set.   The valeo brand could use a bigger hook so I might not recommend this particular brand, but if you’re having a hard time gripping the bar because it’s so heavy, try these.

Feel like superman!

Speaking of deadlifts.  I’ve had the hardest time figuring out the difference between a deadlift and romanian deadlift.  From what I can tell, they are subtle differences to be sure.  I gather that the deadlift usually involves less movement of the legs and pelvis.   I’ve also learned to widen my stance a bit, as I wasn’t feeling much in my hamstrings (which is the muscle group this exercise heavily targets).  Making these changes drastically improved my form today.  I’ll include some tips for deadlifts at the end of this blog today.

In other news…and just to brag a little…I also had a coworker who I don’t normally interact with today ask me if I’ve been going to the gym!  I was quite flattered!  That’s really something to make your day.

Until I take the exam I plan to start going right after school to the gym and go again later with Trevor to help him out or just read on the treadmill.  I haven’t done hardly any cardio since starting the program and it will give me a good opportunity to study while showing him support.

A note about the video: He compares the stiff leg deadlift – not the straight leg deadlift I usually do – to the Romanian deadlift. I prefer the Romanian version as it puts a little less stress on the lower back.


2 thoughts on “Week 6 Update and Deadlifts

  1. Candie Bynum Atherton says:

    Deadlifts, while many incorporate them into a leg workout, the main muscle group targeted is the low back. When doing Stiff Leg and/or Romanian Deadlifts, the weight should never touch the ground. Below are a couple of excellent articles that have helped me. I have watched a lot of videos too. Form is key!



  2. kamui4x says:

    Thanks for the input. It’s a very taxing move and that’s some of the most concise info I’ve read so far. It definitely feels more like a back workout.


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