Why work with a trainer? 3 Reasons

Working with a trainer can seem like an extravagant expense.  In some ways it can seem like a luxury.  The cost of the personal one-one-one experience can run from $30-to over $100/hr depending on where you live and what education he/she has.

I have found that many people are seriously interested in working with a trainer until they hear the price.  While the cost can seem prohibitively expensive, weighing the costs and benefits reveals a different picture.

1. You actually save time AND money: This is the number one reason you should work at least part time with a trainer.  We all like to think we know what we are doing when it comes to fitness.  It can be ego bruising to admit or find out you might not know everything or may be doing it wrong.  I have spent LITERALLY years wasting time trying to do fitness on my own.  Only once I finally admitted I needed help and worked with a trainer and began reading scholarly articles on the topic did I finally begin to see the results I always wanted.  By that time, I had spent hundreds of dollars on books, videos, and gym memberships.  Had I worked with a trainer sooner, I could have saved time and much of that money.

2. It’s not as expensive as you think:  Once you allow the sticker shock to pass over you, think about how you are currently using your money.  How often do you buy starbucks a week?  If you buy it at least twice a week for a month, that’s enough for at least one session of training.  And while $45-$60 for a 1 hour session can seem like a lot, that really is no more than what most of us pay for other professional services (ie. beauty salon, plumber, message, etc.)  The one difference is that the trainer will provide results that last longer than most other services if done well. If you are also on a budget (like most of us) you can find ways to work less often with your trainer — just be upfront about it.  If all you can afford is one session a week, he/she will likely be able to do that and give you pointers for what you can be doing the rest of the week.

And finally…

3.  The value: What are you really getting when you work with a trainer?  Are there some trainers who watch you sweat while they sip a cappacino? Sure.  Those aren’t worth the cost.  But a good trainer has likely been certified by an accredited fitness association (and you would be amazed how many are not! Always ask!).  These certifications can be very difficult to get. A trainer hasn’t been reading Men’s Fitness everyday to build their knowledge.  They know about biomechanics, fitness program design, and injury prevention.  When you hire a trainer, you aren’t only getting an expert in physical fitness.  He/she is also spending sometimes hours prior and after your workout thinking about your goals and needs to design the best possible program for you.  They are also saving you the time and energy it takes to design a functional workout and fitness program.


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