Finding a good personal trainer

In the last blog post I wrote about the reasons why to hire a trainer.  Now I would like to suggest what to look for when hiring a trainer.

Buyer Beware

1. Are they certified? Do some research on this because not all certifications are created equally.  ACSM and NSCA are two that I highly recommend.  If they earned their certification, have they kept up with continuing education credits?

2. Do they perform assessments?  If he/she isn’t performing assessments, they aren’t fully knowledgeable of your fitness status, and, therefore, can’t be adjusting your fitness goal with much accuracy.  Assessments shouldn’t be done every time but they should be done every 6-8 weeks typically.

3. Do they actively participate during the session?  Is he/she walking around you and correcting errors?  Spotting you? Counting reps? Tracking rest times?  Or is he/she on their phone or looking elsewhere?  A good trainer understands their worth and their responsibility to the client.  They should give you his/her undivided attention.  I’ve witnessed this lack of attention at some of the big box gyms where you can get “personal” training for a bargain.  Buyer beware.


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