I passed!

I just took one of the hardest tests of my life! I passed the NSCA CPT test on my first try after months of studying and prep.  You can learn more about the test and certification here. I made flash cards, read the textbook front to back, and took the practice assessment questions.  Though I knew a lot there were some pretty difficult questions on that test! I was so excited when I read “PASS” on the test report.  The administrator of the test told me I should be proud because very few of the people who take that particular test pass it apparently.  According to the NSCA handbook only 67% passed the test last year.  To say I’m excited is an understatement.

So where do I go from here?  Now I actually get to begin working with clients one on one!  (And hopefully from my new home gym too!)  There is also tons more for me to learn. Being a member of NSCA provides me with access to their online academic journal, and so far I can tell you that the information in there is invaluable.

But today I’m going to rest!  I’ve been putting all my effort the last month into studying for this exam. I’ll begin reading more tomorrow!  Tonight I celebrate!

I got this!


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