The right routine

There are a lot of variables to consider when constructing a good workout routine. This is why working with a trainer is such a great investment – even if it’s only to get a few good routines and movements down correctly.

I was working out with a friend the other day and I was noticing how he constructed his routine. He did what many people do which was to do several exercises that worked basically the same muscle groups. He gave no thought to how each exercise worked in conjunction with the next or whether he was doing enough.

I explained that there are basically two recommendations for how to construct a proper workout routine. The first is to alternate between pull and push exercises. An example: doing a bench press and following that with a chest fly on the cable machine. The second way is to do multi-joint/muscle exercise (such as a deadlift) and then finish with the single joint/isolated exercises (like the bicep curl).

Consider following these guidelines the next time you go to the gym. You’ll work a greater variety of muscles and get more growth in the same amount of time (or even less).

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