Kickboxing classes are starting next week at Roberts Rec Center. (Call 727-893-7754 to register.) Spaces are limited and filling up quickly! You don’t need special equipment to get started and the first class is always free.

A taste of what to expect…

  • Warm Up to upbeat music doing jumping jacks and feet work
  • Mild stretching and a few yoga moves
  • Practice punches and kicks (3 punches; 3 kicks)
  • Cardio Kickboxing combinations to fast paced soundtrack
  • Lower and/or Upper body strength and power building exercises
  • Lots of Laughing…
  • Hundreds of calories burned…
  • Tons of fun in the process!

Age requirements – 15+ (for now. Teen classes may be added when time is available. Let the rec center know if you have a pre-teen who is interested!)

These classes aren’t found at any other Pinellas County Rec Center and are highly competitive with other Cardio Boxing Prices around the city.

Flyer Pic


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